February 2019
“Devan”  November 20, 2003 – February 8, 2019
TC MACH4 WTCH Alouette’s Dances With Turick RN HIAds HXAdsc HXBd MXB2 MJB2 MXF RATN RTDsc PATDsc HRD III ROM I.

January 2019
Kegan (Jack x Luna) earned her Grand Championship and is now GCH  Turicks Starfire Of Tbear HSAds HIAds HXAds MX MXB MXJ MJB T2B while Perk (Dare x Merida) earned her agility AX, and so now formally is HC De Vel J’Adore T’Bear HXAds AX AXJ OF BCAT.

December 2018
New herding champion Perk!  (5th HIT and 4th major.) Now known as HC De Vel J’ador T’bear HXAds AXJ OF BCAT (Dare x Merida).

Plus, MACH Turicks Kinetic Balance MXB MJB OF CGCA TKP “Bali” (Dare x Raina) received an invitation to the 2019 National Agility Championship in Tulsa, OK in March 2019.

November 2018
Kegan (Jack x Luna) finishes her conformation championship with a five point major!  Now CH Turicks StarFire of Tbear HSAds HIAds HXAds MX MXB MXJ MJB T2B.

Also, Slash (Dare x Raina) earns his MXF and T2B, making his formal name  
C-ATCH Turicks Red Hot World On Fire MX MXJ MXF T2B.

September 2018
Anne Paul’s Torrent (Dare x Rogue, bred by Janet Wolff) becomes the latest Triple Champion in the extended Turick family!  TC Stahlrosenhof’s Torrential River UDX2 OM3 HSAds HIAds HXAs ROM I.

Key (Dare x Raina) earned his TD and BCAT titles as well this month,  and is now formally known as BOSS GCH Turicks Wakiya UD TD HSAds HXAds BCAT TT CGC ROM I.

August 2018
MACH Turicks Kinetic Balance MXB MJB OF CGCA TKP  “Bali”  (Dare x Raina) ranked #10 in AKC Agility.

June 2018
“Bali” Turicks Kinetic Balance (Dare x Raina) earns her MACH!  She is now MACH Turicks Kinetic Balance MXB MJB OF CGCA TKP, and the first of the Dare x Raina litter to earn a performance championship.

In addition,  “Amy” (Dare x Raina) earned her Silver Grand Championship at the Mt. Bachelor regional specialty in Redmond, OR on June 29th as Best of Opposite Sex and is now known as GCHS Turicks The Power Of Amy’s Love.

April 2018

News of the Turick family from the 2018 American Belgian Malinois Club National Specialty held at Purina Farms in Gray Summit, MO. (The first American “combined” Belgian specialty – it was so lovely to see all those Belgians together!)

At the Regional Specialty Turicks Roll The Dice NA NAJ NF “Dice” was awarded Select Bitch from the Veterans Bitches class by judge Merle Taylor.

In Sweepstakes judge Allison Ward put up GCHB DC Isell’s Itoby HSAds HIAds HXAds OA OAJ NF BCAT ROM I “Dare” as Best of Working Sweepstakes along with GCH TC Turicks Black Jack HSAds HIAds HXAds MXB MJB XF “Jack” first in the Veterans 7-9 Years Dogs class, and DC Turicks The Skye’s The Limit HSAds HIAds HXAds MX AXJ OF CAA “Skyler” first and “Dice” second from the Veterans 9-11 Years Bitches Class.

Among the Awards of Merit from Best of Breed at the National Specialty from judge Linda Fridow were GCHB DC Isell’s Itoby HSAds HIAds HXAds OA OAJ NF BCAT ROM I “Dare,” GCHB CH Concho’s Gin Smoke Lies “Peyton,” (Dare x Vida daughter) and CH De Vel Judgement Day PT CA RATN “Ruger” (Dare x Merida son).  In the Regular Classes Turicks Starfire Of Tbear HSAds HIAds HXAds MX MXB MXJ MJB T2B “Kegan” was second in Bred by Exhibitor Bitches. In the Non-Regular Classes “Dare”was first in Stud Dog (Dare with get “Peyton” and “Ruger”) and first in Generations was awarded to the unit comprised of “Kegan,” her sire “Jack,” and her son CH Turick’s Hot Pursuit “Chase.” I was enormously proud to have such an fabulous assembly of Turick and Turick-related dogs present in the National Speciality Best of Breed ring thanks to their owners, including Dare, Peyton, and Ruger along with GCH CH Turicks Wakiya UD HSAd CGC “Key,” GCHB CH Turicks The Power Of Amy’s Love “Amy,” (Key and Amy both Dare x Raina), GCH CH Concho’s She’s My Little Whisky Girl “Echo” (Dare x Vida), Chase, and Jack (Twister x Devan).

(Trial 2 designated as the National Specialty herding trial)  Judges were James Bergert for Trial 1 and Trial 2  Started A Sheep and Sean Hathaway for the remainder of Trial 2.

Perk HIT Trial 1 & Trial 2

“Perk” (De Vel J’Adore T’Bear HXAS NF NA NAJ BCAT) was High in Trial for both Trial 1 and Trial 2, with 1st place in Advanced A Ducks Trial 1, 1st place in Advanced A Sheep Trial 2, and 1st place in Advanced A Ducks Trial 2.

“Kegan” (Starfire Of Tbear HSAds HIAds HXAds MX MXB MXJ MJB T2B) was 3rd place in Advanced A Ducks Trial 1 and 2nd place in Advanced A Ducks Trial 2.

Key RHIT Trial 1

“Key” (GCH CH Turicks Wakiya UD HSAd CGC) was Reserve High in Trial 1 with 1st place Started A Sheep and 1st place in Started A Ducks. In Trial 2 he was 2nd place Started A Sheep for his HSAs title, and 1st place in Started A Ducks.

(Tuesday trial designated as the National Specialty agility trial)
On Monday’s trial “Jax” (Concho’s All My Rowdy Friends, Dare x Vida) won the 20” Standard Excellent class and was third in the 20” T2B class, “Dare” won the 24” Standard Excellent Class, and “Dice” won the 16” Standard Open Preferred Class.  Judges were Lisa Potts for Standard  and Lynn Morgan for T2B.

At Tuesday’s trial “Jax” won the 20” Standard Master class and was third in the 20” T2B class.  Judges were Lynn Morgan for Standard and Lisa Potts for T2B.

Obedience and Rally
There were no Turick qualifiers in Obedience – darn!  In Rally, “Peyton” qualified in Rally Advanced B and Rally Excellent B under judge James Comunale.

Regretfully Tracking was not offered by the ABMC at this year’s National Specialty.  Next time, we hope!

July 2017

Happy 3rd Birthday to an awesome set of kids! With equally wonderful owners!  The  Dare x Raina litter (DC GCHB Isell’s Itoby HSAds, HIAds, HXAds, CGC, ROM1, HOF x Fire and Rain du Burr Oak), the first litter Dare sired,  turned three years old on June 23, 2017.  Of the nine puppies – three dogs and six bitches  four are conformation Champions –  with three Grand Champions and two Group Placers, three more are pointed, and one was National Specialty BOSS.  Three have herding titles (one HXAs, one HIAs, one HSAd) and two have obedience titles (one CDX, one CD).   Four are working on their agility MACHs and one is a Service Dog.   Most importantly, all nine are loved family companions.


CH Turicks Titanium HXAs AX AXJ ROM I  took a break from competition this spring to whelp a litter – 3 boys, 2 girls –  placed in wonderful homes criss-crossing the country!  Alli  is on her MACH journey and is loved and owned by Rick Clark & Marti Touchstone.


Multi-group placing GCHB Turicks the Power of Amy’s Love was ranked # 5 in 2016,  garnering a coveted invitation to Westminster.  Amy lives in Washington state and is handled in breed by Randy Sutton and loved and owned by Laura Kelly and  handled by Randy Sutton.

AKC- pointed Turicks Kinetic Balance MX  MXJ  CGCA  has seven QQ towards her MACH, lives in South Carolina and is loved and owned by Lisa Halpin.


AKC major-pointed Turicks Tian-Mu   is busy keeping up with and taking care of her girl (who’s now in college!)


BOSS GCH Turicks Wakiya HSAd CDX CGC ROM II earned his CD in March and CDX in July.   Key lives in New York City and is loved and owned by Monique Buzzarté.

Rocket Girl

Three year-old<strong> Turicks Super Atomic Rocket Girl &nbsp;</strong>has her hands full helping take care of her human’s &nbsp;three-month old first baby! &nbsp;Rocket Girl lives in Florida and is loved and owed by Wayne and Nicole Embrey.


Turicks Red Hot World on Fire OA AXJ  OF, loved and owned by Jeni Bauder-Heidt lives in Florida and has started his agility career!


Multi-group placing GCH CH Turicks High Velocity CD BN HIAs CGC ROM II is handled in the breed ring by Ashley Craig Watkins, in the herding area by Carolyn Kaiser and in obedience by Sandi Andrews.   Taser helps look after two human “grands” and is loved and owned by Sandi & Marc Andrew and Carolyn Kaiser.


AKC-pointed and UKC CH Turicks Rolling Thunder AX AXJ  NF  lives in Massachusetts  and is loved and owned by Valerie Leab.  Tora has started her MACH journey

November 2016

Torrent. (Photo Natasha Kelley Sullivan)
Torrent (Photo: Natasha Kelley Sullivan)

Turicks Malinois congratulates all those in our family and extended family on their herding titles and awards in 2016!

BISS GCH Turick Tyka von Stahlrosenhof  PT  HSAs HIAs HXAs CGC “Tyka”  (Dare x Rogue) earned her Advanced A Sheep title on October 29, 2016 handled by Amanda Nickel at Scarlett’s Mill Farm in Birdsboro, PA.  On October 30, 2016 she took second place in Advanced A Sheep for a three point major towards her herding championship.  Tyka will be two years old on November 19, 2016.

CH Stahlrosenhofs Torrential River UD HT PT “Torrent” (Dare x Rogue) earned two Reserve High in Trials on his  Started A sheep runs October 29 and 30, 2016 at Scarlett’s Mill Farm in Birdsboro, PA handled by Amanda Nickel.  Torrent turns two on November 19, 2016.

CH Tbears Solar Burst of Turick TD HT PT “Colby” (Jack x Luna) earned his PT title on October 30, 2016 at High Reaches Farm in Rockfield, KY handled by his owner Mary Phillips.  Colby turned three on August 21, 2016.

BISS De Vel Judgement Day “Ruger” HT PT (Dare x Merida) earned his HT and PT titles on July 15, 2016 at Action K9 Sports in Escondido, CA handled by his owner Tawny Castro.   Puppy Ruger turned one year old a month later on August 21, 2016.

CH Turicks Twilight Temptation of TBear HSAs “Eve” (Jack x Luna) earned her Started A Sheep title on June 26, 2016 at Scarlett’s Mill Farm in Birdsboro, PA handled by Amanda Nickel.  Eve continued on to earn five High in Trials from Started A Sheep at Scarlett’s Mill Farm over the rest of the summer.  Eve turned three on August 21, 2016.

BOSS CH Turicks Wakiya HSAd CGC “Key” (Dare x Raina) earned his Started A Duck title on May 8, 2016 at Starshine Farm in Lebanon, CT handled by his owner Monique Buzzarté.  Key also went Reserve High in Trial in Started A Ducks on September 18, 2016 at Two Shadows Farm in New Braintree, MA.  Key turned two on June 23, 2016.

GCH Turicks High Velocity BN CD HIAs CGC “Taser” (Dare x Raina) earned his Intermediate A Sheep title on March 19, 2016 at Penny Caerau  Farm in Lady Lake, FL handled by his breeder Carolyn Kaiser.  Taser turned two on June 23, 2016.

May 2016

Turick Malinois is thrilled to announced that Dare and his “kids” had an amazing week at the American Belgian Malinois Club National Specialty in Winchester, VA May 7-15, 2016.

Under breeder judge Susie Merson Williamson CH Turick Tyka von Stahlrosenhof PT “Tyka” (Dare x Rogue) was awarded Best of Breed,  CH Turicks Wakiya HSAd CGC “Key”  (Dare x Raina) was awarded Best of Opposite Sex, Turicks Tian-Mu “Harley” (Dare x Raina)  won conformation’s Open Bitches class, and Concho’s Nightrain to Tresbec “Greyson”  (Dare x Vida) placed second in the 6-9 Month Puppy Dog class. Their sire DC GCHB Isell’s Itoby HSAds  HIAds HXAds CGC ROM1 HOF”Dare” was awarded first Stud Dog (with Tyka and Key as his get).

In Sweepstakes under judge Judy Hagan Concho’s Gin Smoke Lies “Peyton”  (Dare x Vida) was Best of Opposite Puppy in Sweepstakes and Concho’s Nightrain to Tresbec “Greyson”  (Dare x Vida) placed second in the 6-9 Month Puppy Dog class.

Over in the obedience ring, CH Stahlrosenhofs Torrential River  “Torrent” (Dare x Rogue) went High in Trial under judge Rose Doan.

Turicks Rolling Thunder “Tora” (Dare x Raina)  finished her Novice A Standard agility title under judge Daniel McDonald with first and second placements in the 20″ class, along with earning a first place for her first leg of Novice A JWW in the 20″ class.

Peyton and Greyson are 7 months old, Tyka and Torrent are 17 months old,  Key,  Harley and Tora are 22 months old, and Dare is 4 years old.